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The Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For

The SnapCoin Compensation Plan is a revolutionary business model which allows you to have your own platform and earn lucrative commissions while helping Customers save money through discounts.

Rewarding You For Your Efforts

Designed to maximize rewards for the effort you have put in, the amount of income you generate is directly linked to your efforts in selling these products.

The SnapCoin Business Opportunity is designed to reward Members, where your success is dependent on two primary factors:

The time, effort and commitment put into the SnapCoin Business

The product sales made by you and your downline organization



We’ve created our membership with YOU (and your wallet) in mind. So we help you save even more by giving you our SnapCoins at a cheaper rate!

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Never miss out on any special offers and promotions by our merchants that are only available for our premium members!


We want to help you take your savings through SnapCoin to the next level, and what better way to do so other than to help you earn some money!

Earn while you spend

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your friends and family save money from their daily purchases? Look no further, as the SnapCoin platform offers exclusive discounts and offers on all our product offerings to both SnapCoin Members and Customers.


You earn commissions by referring customers to make purchases at heavily discounted or competitive rates through SnapCoin. The SnapCoin Business Opportunity allows you to have minimal involvement in the sales pipeline whilst earning unlimited recurring commissions from customer purchases or subscriptions for as long as they spend through our platform!

Commisionable Volume (CV)

Commissionable Volume is generated when you earn commission off Package Purchases from customer or members directly enrolled by you. You will earn a percentage (CV%) of the package of the value that was bought.

Binary Volume

Binary Volume can be accumulated via SnapCoin package purchases by members under you, regardless of whether you have personally enrolled them or not. And it rolls INFINITELY!

Matching Volume

Matching Volume is generated based on the BVC generated by Members in your Sponsor Tree.

Bonus Pool

SnapCoin extends the privilege to the best performing Members to join the bonus pool as a reward for their considerable efforts for the hard work put in to produce outstanding results. It is derived from a percentage of the total amount of Commissionable Volume (CV) generated within the payout period. The Company takes 15% of the total CV within and shares this amongst those qualified to earn this bonus.

Merchant Acquisition Royalties

As we seek to rapidly expand our product offerings, we want to share a part of the revenue generated from Merchants with you. SnapCoin will be giving you a perpetual royalty of up to 2% of all sales from all Merchants you refer to our platform for a period of 1 year. Simplifying the entire process for you, all that needs to be done to earn these royalties is to get referred Merchants to input your Member ID in our referral column when they sign up for an account with us.

Be part of something bigger

We are proud to have your business come on board with us! Learn more about the perks and steps of becoming one of our memberss,








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